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Getting the hottest content to your phone has never been easier. Now with our new improved payment process, there are more ways than ever to get the hottest Ringtones, Polytones, Flixtones, SoundEffects Tones, Wallpapers and Games to your phone!

At this time T-Mobile users are only allowed to use our PSMS/Direct Bill option for payment. Other carriers may have the options to use Debit/Credit card or PayPal payments. Please contact your service provider for any further questions regarding billing.

Premium SMS
Premium SMS allows you to charge orders directly to your cell phone bill. There are 3 ways to order using PSMS:

1.) Click 'Buy Now' next to the product you want to order and choose Premium SMS as your payment type

2.) Enter the product ID into the Premium SMS order box on the website

3.) Order by text message –

For Ringtones, Wallpapers, Flixtones, Voice Ringers and SoundEffects Tones text "RTJB ProductCode" (e.g. RTJB55555) to 66555 to purchase via PSMS. For Real Tones text "RTJB ProductCode" (e.g. RTJB55555) to 66555 to purchase via PSMS.

Before placing any orders, be sure to test your phone. You can do this on the site through the 'test your phone' link or by text message:

Test for Wallpaper compatibility; Text "RTJB WALLPAPER" to 66555 Test for Realtone compatibility; Text "RTJB REALTONE" to 66555 Test for Ringtone compatibility; Text "RTJB RINGTONE" to 66555

After you have sent your order via PSMS you will receive a text message for conformation. Reply to the message with 'Y' as the body.

Shortly after you send the confirmation message, you will receive a WAP PUSH (or Text Message) on your cellphone. This message will contain instructions on how to download your order.

*Note all phones ordering through PSMS must have full internet capabilities enabled on the phone.

Credit Card Purchase
Find what you want on your phone and click on "Buy Now". Click on "Pay Now" in the Payment Options page under Credit Card.

Pay Pal
Find what you want on your phone and click on "Buy Now". Click on "Pay Now" in the Payment Options page under PayPal.

Did you know that you can buy our tones and wallpapers directly through your phone under the following Service Providers?

ACS Alaska Communications, Alaska Digitel, Alltel, Appalachian Wireless, BellSouth Ecuador, Bermuda, Bluegrass Cellular, Carolina West, Cellcom, Cellular 29/Lyrix, Cellular South, Centennial Puerto Rico, Cricket, Eloqui Wireless, Golden State, Guamcell, Hargray Wireless, Hutch, Illinois Valley Cellular, Inland Cellular, IUSACELL, Jamaica-MiPhone, Metro PCS, Midwest Wireless, Movilnet, Movistar Argentina, Movistar Colombia S.A., Movistar Ecuador, Movistar Guatemala, Movistar Nicaragua, Movistar Panama, Movistar Peru, Movistar Peru_CM, Movistar Peru_TEM, Movistar Uruguay, Movistar Venezuela, Nex-Tech Wireless, Northwest Missouri, NTELOS, Pioneer/Enid, RCC Rural Cellular Coproration, Revol, Saipan-Verizon Pacifica, SureWest, Telcel BellSouth, Thumbcellular, U.S Cellular, UNEFON, Verizon DR, Verizon Wireless - Puerto Rico, Western Wireless and Zapp

If you are under one of these service providers, find the Product you want and click on "Buy Now" to see the download instructions for purchasing the tone through your specific phone.

Log in with your existing username and password, find what you want on and just click "Buy Now". Credits will automatically be deducted from your account It's that simple!

How do I...

...purchase ringtones?
Click "Buy Now" next to the ringtone you wish to purchase. A text message will be sent to your phone with instructions on downloading the tone. All ringtones are priced at $2.99. Credits and promotions cannot be used to purchase ringtones.

...purchase Polytones, FlixTones, SoundEffects Tones, Voice Ringers and Wallpapers?
Simply click buy next to any product you like and choose your payment type. After you confirm your order, the products you have purchased will be sent directly to your mobile phone. It's that easy! Please be sure to test your phone before purchasing, to ensure that your phone is capable of receiving our content.

...purchase Mobile Phone Games?
Find the game you want and click "Buy Now". You will receive a text message that will contain instructions on downloading your game. Mobile phone games are individually priced. Please check the phone game details to find the price. Credits and promotions cannot be used to purchase phone games.

New User?
Here's how to get the latest Ringtones, Color Graphics and Phone Games for your cell phone:

It only takes a moment!

Find any Ringtone, realtone, wallpaper, Phone Game or Java App you like and click "Buy Now".

Select your payment method and your products will get sent directly to your phone!
That's it!

  • No Subscription
  • No credit card required – charge(s) will appear on wireless bill or be deducted from prepaid minutes.
  • Msg&Data Rates May Apply.
  • $2.99 Per Ringtone, $1.99 per Polytone/Wallpaper
  • Offer available for T-Mobile, Sprint and Virgin Mobile subscribers with compatible phones.
  • Games not available for T-Mobile users.

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